BKM 32-Bit Build Mechanical Keyboard Desk Mat

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Designed By: retoid of BKM Caps @bkmkeycaps
Est. Ship Date: 9 - 12 weeks after Group Buy ends. (Q4 of 2022)
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a group buy, do not add anything else to the cart unless you want it shipped with the desk mats. Due to the nature of these things there can be delays. No refunds or cancellations are offered on these items! 

    • 900mm x 400mm x 4mm
    • Stitched Edge
    • High quality textured cloth top with anti-slip rubber bottom 
    For as long as I can remember pixel art has always had special meaning to me. While working with pixels, the simplest form of digital art, I feel I am solving a puzzle. The constraints of a limited color palette and the challenge of coming up with the perfect grid and alignment to achieve my artistic goals brings me immense enjoyment. I also feel a sense of nostalgia from my upbringing around early video game graphics. With all that being said, I wanted to endeavor on a project that combines my love for pixel art and my love for the mechanical keyboard hobby. Each desk mat utilizes my favorite pixel art palette EDG32 (32-Bit) which I used as a starting point for the original design. The Navy colorway was inspired by black and gold PCB’s, Clay was inspired by the popular Olivia keyset, and Aged Olive was inspired by classic military style electronics and avionics. Each desk mat colorway is accompanied by an accent color reminiscent of my favorite switches, the Holy Panda. - retoid