RetroPad: The classy and affordable macro pad

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QMK and VIA compatible, RGB underglow, indicator led's on top, brass hardware, and blank dsa keycaps come with every one. This is the way to give your desk some retro classy looking upgrades! Available with different tops (other tops available on the store). These are NOT assembled, they include the encoder, led's, and dsa keycaps. You will need a USB-C cable and 4 mx switches to complete the build.

WARNING: If you get the smoked acrylic body, the rgb underglow will barely show. So if you want underglow DO NOT GET SMOKE!

 Production PCB is black, not red.

These are made to order, so expect a small delay in shipping.


THESE WILL NOT COME WITH KNOBS! I can not source them well enough. I will try to include some 3d printed ones so that it is at least usable for now. the knobs are 23mm in diameter and the standard 6mm D-shaft if you want to source your own. They are also available from my friend Hobie on his website.

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